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Sheryl Sandberg Has Ultimately Been Exposed As A Fake Feminist

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Just few weeks ago, Sheryl Sandberg has announced her resignation as the COO at Meta in 14 years. 

Meta provided Nebraska authorities access to personal Facebook conversations between a 17-year-old woman and her mom. 

She was also planning to have an ab0rtion, which has been illegal in Nebraska for 20 weeks since 2010. 

The company has committed to covering travel costs for employees needing access to an ab0rtion.

Sheryl Sandberg's bestseller from 2016, "Option B", was about dealing with the sudden loss of her husband Dave Goldberg and how she took her right to abortion to have abortions for granted.

In 2013's "Lean In," Sandberg argued that women are to blame for career stagnation because they're not financially successful or wealthy.

Michelle Obama said in 2018, "It's not always enough to"lean in".

Sheryl Sandberg is currently under investigation for using Facebook to help fund her wedding, book, And foundation and using Facebook underlings for personal projects.

The Wall Street Journal reported last September that there was no action taken until an internal probe revealed that teenage girls were hurt by the content they observed on Instagram. 

Do you think she isn't letting her children use social media, like most Silicon Valley execs do - even though we realize that her business has been using children to target them? 

This is right: She told us no Facebook and no Instagram for her children.

Goodbye to Sheryl Sandberg, who could not take a stand when it was crucial. Girls and women are happier without Sheryl Sandberg.