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NBA Legend's Son Signs Six-figure Deal With G League Ignite

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In the absence of a draft pick during this season's NBA Draft, Shareef O'Neal has found an appropriate location.

O'Neal -- the child of the Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal has signed a six-figure contract in the NBA G League Ignite, according to Shams Charania.

O'Neal recently played for his father's team called the Lakers and participated in the NBA Summer League. 

The player scored 4.7 per game and 3.7 rebounds per game in six games. 

Before that, the 6-foot-10, 215-pound O'Neal participated in the May G League Elite prospect camp. 

Charania said, "NBA teams were enthralled by O'Neal's athleticism as well as his pedigree through the draft and summer-league processes."

O'Neal created a stir in June after he acknowledged that his father would prefer his son to attend school instead of enlisting in the draft.

"I realize he might not want me to say this, but I'm sorry. We're both grown and will overcome this," O'Neal said. 

"I am aware that he is one of the NBA legends. I'm sure he's my dad. But it was right in front of me. So I had to go get it.

The 22-year-old was a part of just 37 games in three seasons at UCLA and LSU, a limitation because of various health problems.