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NBA Legend Roasted Justin Bieber For Causing $20,000 Damages

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NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal was once seen using Comedy Central Stage to smear Justin Bieber and did an amazing job at doing the same

Shaquille O'Neal shows no mercy for Justin Bieber. When the 4x champion is in a blaze, there is no way to be safe. Justin Bieber experienced that firsthand on Comedy Central.

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First, Shaq asks JB about egging his house. Continuing on the same, O’Neal shares how the damages caused were around $20,000, something which would have been much higher if Bieber didn’t ‘throw like a girl.’

Then he inquired Justin what he was doing to earn 75 million dollars in Miami Strip Clubs.

Then, he went further and noted that Bieber was the 5th most hated individual worldwide, which is less than Kim Jong-Un.

Video Credits: Income Buckets