Almost no one can spot the sniper hiding in the woods in 30 seconds.Parents who claim their children died from strangulation while trying the "blackout" challenge on TikTok face multiple lawsuits. 

The app displayed videos of others doing it, and the parents filed several lawsuits against the company. 

In June, a lawsuit was filed against TikTok, claiming seven children died while trying to complete the "blackout challenge." All of the victims were younger than 15. 

The complaint states that the app encouraged users to choke themselves with purse strings or belts until they pass out.

According to official reports, a 10-year-old boy in Italy died in January 2021. 

The parents of Lalani Walton (age eight) and Arriani Arroyo (age nine) filed the most recent lawsuit. 

However, it mentions several other children who died trying to challenge TikTok as proof that the problem was real. It lists the following cases in addition to Walton, Arroyo, and others:

Colorado 12-year-old who died March 2021, according to reports

According to reports, a 14-year-old Australian boy died in June 2021.

Oklahoma 12-year-old boy who died in July 2021

According to reports, a Pennsylvania 10-year-old died in December 2021.

Nylah Anderson (the mother of the Pennsylvania 10-year-old girl) is also suing the company. She claims that the app "pushed exceedingly dangerous challenges."

Smith and Arroyo claim that their children didn't seek challenges in the videos. 

According to the suit, TikTok was accused of having "specifically curated" and determined that these Blackout Challenge videos (videos in which users deliberately strangle themselves until they lose consciousness) are suitable and appropriate for children.

It says that TikTok placed it in front of their eyes on the app's main screen, the For You page.

For the record, Mahsau Cullinane, TikTok spokesperson, has only given the company's prior statement.

This troubling 'challenge,' which people seem to learn about via sources other than TikTok, has been around since long before our platform was created and is not a TikTok trend. 

We are committed to user safety and will immediately remove any related content. We are deeply sorry for the family's tragic loss.

TikTok challenges are an integral part of the experience. Competitors have begun incorporating them into their platforms to appeal to TikTok users. 

Some challenges require you to make a simple dance move, while others require more serious actions. 

One of the most well-known challenges was that students were encouraged to steal or destroy school property. This platform is well-known for its challenges.

 It is often linked to other sites and apps with similar challenges or even ones that seem made up.

Smith and Arroyo argue that TikTok promotes challenges and has to monitor videos and challenges posted and circulated on the app and platform. 

This ensures that no dangerous or deadly videos or challenges are posted, shared and circulated, recommended and/or encouraged."