SEO for Google's Helpful Content Update

Google announced recently that it would be rolling out its Google helpful content update. 

Creators were excited about the potential impact on their sites. These are some seo tips to ensure that your content remains relevant.

1. Prioritize Your Readers Your target audience should always be the first thing you consider. 

You should write content that answers their questions and guides them in completing their tasks. 

Google states that you don't need to write a certain word count. Be mindful of your reader's reading time, and ensure that every word counts.

2. Write From Experience Avoid publishing content about topics that you don't know much about. If you are not familiar with the topic, do some research or get first-hand knowledge.

3. Use AI Content Intelligently AI can be used to reduce your workload, but it shouldn't be the only tool you use. 

Online tools must be used to polish your writing and check your grammar. Don't use spin rewriter or AI tools to convert others articles.

4. Don’t Make False Claims Google warns against false or inaccurate claims. Ask the right questions, look for the answers, write accurately, and correct yourself when necessary.

5. Add Value to Your Content You must stick to the facts when reporting on the news. You can still add value to your content if you ask relevant questions like "How and why?" 

These types of content offer a deeper look or a different perspective on an issue.

6. Focus on Your Niche When it comes to content, don't rely solely on one strategy. Your brand should be communicated clearly through your content.