The mind-boggling optical illusion of horses riding on the tops of mountains has caused a dispute between scientists and the painter. But who is right?

Optical illusions are often controversial online.  The answer of this visual illusion is given in the last slide.

However, a recent painting that depicts several horses perched on a mountaintop has caused a fracas between its creator and some scientists. 

Today's Challenge: But how many horses can you actually see? And Whom do you agree with, Scientists or Painter?

Bev Doolitte has made the portrait of five patch-skinned horses posing together on a snow ledge a staple of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS') website for quite some time.

Scientists have determined that Doolitte's picture features seven horses, not five as the creator claimed.

If you can't see seven, you can rest assured that you are among those who believe in real numbers. Last slide will reveal the answer.

According to the group, the photo comprises seven horses, including partial horses such as a horse head or rear.

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