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NASA's James Webb  Have Discovered A New Planet With The Possibility Of Life

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The largest and most intricate space telescope ever created, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, was used to find TOI-1452 b. 

Due to its ability to gather infrared light, the Webb Telescope can see directly through enormous dust clouds that obscure the view of most other telescopes.

A planet about 100 light-years from Earth called TOI-1452 b orbits a red dwarf star. It is a little bigger than Earth. 

The planet may be rocky and receives twice as much radiation as Earth, according to IOP Science through The Astronomical Journal. 

The modest irradiation of TOI-1452 b makes it an excellent choice for an ocean planet.

Scientists have accomplished a minor miracle with the finding of TOI-1452 b. 

According to Charles Cadieux, a University of Montreal Ph.D. student, TOI-1452 b is one of the greatest possibilities for an ocean planet that we have discovered till now.