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Samsung’s All Alone At The Foldable Smartphones Party

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The Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 last year felt almost normal. They had better water resistance and were easier to use.

Samsung has used its unique position to bring the foldable experiment so far. 

While Samsung is ahead of its competitors, other companies seem stuck with early designs or not showing up at any point.

Samsung has plenty to be proud of. The company sold 10 million foldable devices in 2021, an 87 percent market share. 

Samsung's ethos is the best in the foldable industry. Apple won't launch a phone with a new form factor that is experimental and uncertain in the long term. 

Google has just created a flagship phone that doesn't fold and isn't in any hurry to release one. 

Samsung is open to trying something new and will stick with it throughout its initial development stages.