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Samsung Will Launch Galaxy A24, A34, And A54 Without DSC

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Samsung is copying Nothing Brand? It's not; however, it will try to move closer to its new camera-related ethos next year, as per an article from its home in Korea.

It is believed that Samsung is removing the ineffective depth-sensing cameras from the backs of its forthcoming Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 models, which are scheduled to launch in 2023. 

Samsung will not remove the useless macro cameras from these phones, meaning it's halting halfway on its progress to becoming more like Nothing. 

This company recently announced a smartphone with only two cameras. The main one, along with the ultrawide.

The secret uncovered in the last few years is that most mid-rangers in that price bracket only have two cameras, the main and the ultrawide.

However, manufacturers have decided to fill their rears with at least one extra unit, if not two - a depth sensor, a monochrome one, and a macro cam somewhere.

The report further states that it is expected that Galaxy A24 will be the first model to come with a 50-megapixel primary sensor, an 8-megapixel ultrawide, and a 5MP macro camera. 

It's odd that the A54, which is supposed to be the most expensive category, will only come with an ultrawide camera with 5 MP if this report is accurate. 

In contrast, the A34 will come with the primary camera with 48 MP and the other two same as the A24.

Samsung is expected to use the funds it's not investing in putting these depth sensors on smartphones to "strengthen" the camera specifications for other sensors. 

Samsung's Galaxy A34 is said to arrive in March of next year, and the A54 will come one month later.