Samsung Wallet was first. It was then renamed Samsung Pay. Because time is a circular thing, Samsung has brought back the Wallet app -- basically, bringing together a lot of existing Samsung services in one app. This time, crypto is included!

The Samsung Wallet 2.0 is now available. It will replace the existing Pay and Pass apps that currently manage passwords and payment cards.

SmartThings can also be integrated to store certain keys for your car and digital home.

The new Samsung Wallet is compatible with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app so that you can quickly check the value of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Maybe you don't. Samsung plans to include some features that it teased earlier this year at its Unpacked events, such as the ability to store digital IDs and driver's licenses.

Samsung's digital key feature was previously only available in Samsung Pass for one vehicle: the Genesis GV60. The company now supports the Genesis G90, Hyundai Palisade, and certain BMW models that were launched after July 2020.

Digital house keys are also possible with the new Wallet, which is compatible with nine SmartThings smart home security companies.

Other, less important features include the ability to store airline tickets, but this is currently only available for Korean Air flights.

Samsung Wallet is now available in the US, UK, and other parts of Europe for Galaxy smartphones running Android 9 or later. Some features may not be available on all phones.

For example, some digital car keys will require UWB short-range connectivity and others require a Samsung phone with eSE security hardware.