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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Listed On Amazon With Specs

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There's no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 leaks are plentiful, especially during the last couple of weeks before Unpacked.

However, it's always nice to have official information, which is believed to come from Samsung. 

This is why we have this strange Amazon page for the unknown Galaxy Z Fold4.

Amazon Netherlands seems to have "unpacked" Samsung's best foldable phone and has shown some renders and display specs. 

The display's outer dimensions are 6.2" in width, with a 120Hz refresh speed and a centred cut-out punch hole to accommodate your selfie camera. 

The display that folds inwards has a 7.6-inch width and operates at 120Hz.

However, the two displays are identical to last year, with larger aspect ratios. 

The display on the outside is 23.1:9, and the foldable one is 21.6:18. 

The thickness increases when folded to 15.8mm; this is an improvement from last year's model.

Unfortunately, the pricing is not still to be announced because the page only lists an option for 512GB storage without additional details.