Samsung Galaxy S23 Will Have Slightly Thicker Bezels Than The S22

The exact dimensions of the Galaxy S23 series were leaked by Ice Universe.

They were almost identical to the S22 models except for a slight increase in height and width.

Ice knows where the extra 0.3mm of Galaxy S23 comes from, and the Cat isn't happy.

Extra bezels are allegedly 0.15mm all around the display. The display will still measure 6.1". 

This is exactly what accounts for the extra height and width of the next model by 0.3mm compared to the existing one. 

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is also slightly larger than its predecessor (+0.1mm height and +0.2mm width), so it may face the same fate.

Is the 0.15mm extra on the S23's four bezels an issue? Ice Universe believes so. The leakster seems to be obsessed with smaller bezels. 

Although they make a valid point, we don't know if the newer models are better than, the older ones. 

The S23 and S23+ will likely stick with FHD+ resolution, while the Ultra will have QHD+.