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Samsung Display Will Make Better Panels For The iPhone 14 Pro Duo Than For The Vanilla Models

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Since we knew for some time that the vanilla iPhone 14 would not feature ProMotion displays, now publication 'The Elec' provides details about the specific type of displays that will appear.

The vanilla iPhone 14 (6.1") and iPhone 14 Max (6.8") will have LTPS backplanes. 

Samsung's M11 material set is used in the iPhone 14 Max (6.7"). The M-series material set is reserved for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy premium phones.

To enable ProMotion, the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1") & 14 Pro Max (6.7") will instead use an LTPO backplane. They will also use the new M12 material set.

The Galaxy S22+, S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S22+ used the M11 sets, while the Galaxy S22 received the older M10 sets. 

The new M12 material set will be used by the Galaxy Z Flip4 (and Z Fold4), respectively.

Samsung will supply display panels to all four iPhone 14 models. According to reports, it has received orders for 80 million panels.

LG will also chip in, creating panels for the vanilla iPhone 14 and the flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

These panels will be made using the RS-L material. LG had previously built iPhone 13 panels using the RS-K material set.

BOE is not mentioned in Elec's report. However, they had reportedly secured a small number of panels.