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Russia Is Gaining From Conflict In Ukraine, Putin Says

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia has gained, and not lost, in the conflict in Ukraine

As it embarked on a new path of sovereignty that would help restore its international standing. 

Putin often describes the war in Ukraine as a special operational military mission and a turning moment in the history of humanity in which 

Russia finally ended the humiliation that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In his speech in general, Putin hardly mentioned Ukraine aside from a mention of exports of grain. 

However, when the moderator asked what had happened during the war, Putin said Russia had gained and was set to emerge with renewed energy. 

"We did not lose anything, and we won't lose anything," said Putin, the country's most influential president since 1999. 

"Everything unneeded and harmful hinders us from progressing will be eliminated."

"In terms of the gains we've made, I'm able to say that the most significant improvement has been the consolidation of our sovereignty. 

That is the result of what's happening right now," Putin said. "This will eventually make our country stronger from the inside."

Putin declared to his fellow citizens in the West in July that he had just started in Ukraine and drew the attention to challenge the United States

Which enjoys the advantages of conventional and economic warfare over Russia in the region - to attempt to take on Moscow.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and the West in the Ukraine dispute has forced Russia to move faster toward Asia. 

However, Putin claimed that the West failed because an unproductive and aggressive effort to disengage Russia by imposing sanctions was ruining the world economy while Asia was taking over the future. 

In the end, however, the United States and its allies have imposed the harshest sanctions in modern history against Russia due to its conduct in Ukraine. 

Putin claims that these sanctions are similar to declaring economic war.

"I am referring to the Western world's obsession with sanctions and its brazen, violent attempt to impose model conduct on other countries to strip them of their sovereign rights and submit them to their dictates," Putin said. 

"In attempts to thwart the development of history, Western countries are undermining the foundations of the world economy constructed over the centuries," he said, saying that confidence in the euro, the dollar and sterling were slipping.