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Russia Fines Google $370 Million Over YouTube Videos Containing ‘prohibited’ Content

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According to Reuters, Russia has imposed a $370 Million fine (21.1 billion rubles) on Google for failing to remove YouTube videos that violate the country's laws.

In March, Roskomnadzor stated that Google failed to take down "prohibited" YouTube videos, saying that the cost would begin at eight million rubles (~ USD 94,675 at the time) and could increase to 20% of Google's annual revenues. 

It's worth noting that the 21.1 billion rubles represent the bulk of Google's yearly growth in Russia, but it's unclear whether Google will proceed by paying the penalty.

Google's Russian subsidiary filed for bankruptcy in May.

Google announced plans to close the Russian operation in May, Saying that authorities had taken its assets in Russia and it was "untenable" to maintain the process.

Russia, as well as Google, have fought during the last few years. 

Like other tech businesses, Google cut off Russian customers from its various services, including selling ads on Google, disabling YouTube channels owned by Russian state-backed media, and blocking access to these channels. 

In December, Russia fined Google $100 million for not removing the banned content.