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Reddit Partners With FTX To Help Users Buy Crypto On The Platform

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Reddit users can now purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency through integration with FTX. 

FTX is a crypto exchange controlled by Sam Bankman-Fried.

FTX released a press release stating that Reddit users will now be able to use their payment system, FTXPay, for managing their blockchain-based community points.

Reddit's partnership with FTX will allow users to convert fiat currency (a country's national currency like USD) into Ethereum to pay those costs. 

This will make it easier for people to access community points, even if they don't know much about crypto. 

Amy Wu, head of FTX Ventures, said in a tweet that users need Eth to pay gas fees and transact with their Points. FTXPay allows them to do this.

We are excited to help them and their users on this journey! FTX's integration with Reddit could make it easier for users to buy Ethereum on the platform.