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Realme Will Launch First 5G Smartphone Under 15,000 Rupees

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Realme launched Pad X in India last week along with several other AIoT products, such as the Watch 3 or its first PC monitor, Realme Flat Monitor Full HD. 

We spoke to Mr Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme India and President of Realme International Business Group, about the Realme product roadmap for H2 2022.

Sheth informed us that Realme would launch at most four new products in India in the following months. 

These include a 5G smartphone priced between INR10,000 and INR15,000 (EUR123/EUR123). 

This will be "a crucial addition, especially in light of India's 5G rollout, which is expected to occur in the second half of 2022."

Sheth also announced that Realme would enter 2-3 new categories within the durable consumer segment. More information will follow.

They hope the Realme 10 series will make its way to H2 2022.

Realme could launch the Realme 10 in October if they plan on doing so. This would allow them to take advantage of the festive season sales.