Raspberry Pi, the microcontroller everyone loves, has just released a few new products.

The company continues to build on its $4 Pico board's success, which has sold just under 2 million units since January 2021.

Pico W launches today at $6. The "W" (and an additional $2) adds 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity to the system.

Pico H ($5) adds a prepopulated header to allow interfacing with other systems.

Pico WH ($7) gives you both. The first two options are currently available, and WH will ship in August.

The company points out that its boards have had much more success than their initial hobbyist or educational focus. Companies have started to integrate the controllers directly into the products.

These systems are very affordable and have been used to control some complex pieces of machinery.

The company notes that the chip shortage has been a boon for third-party manufacturer sales.

Eben Upton, the founder of Pi Pico, writes in a blog post that "we always believed that [Pi Pico] could be used for industrial and commercial applications."

Design engineers disappointed by their current suppliers now have the perfect excuse to try new things with millions of units available today and a pipeline that will hold tens of thousands more.

Wireless opens the system to all sorts of IoT/smart devices and interesting new ones.

The company can sell an additional couple million of these items at a reasonable price by next year.