Meta Sued A Person Who Scraped Over 350K Instagram Profiles and sensitive details of that accounts like phone numbers, etc

Meta has taken legal action against two data-scrapers. The company filed two separate federal lawsuits Tuesday against Octopus, a company named after Ekrem Ates. 

Meta says that the former is the US subsidiary of a Chinese multinational tech company that provides data-scraping-for-hire services for individuals and businesses.

Octopus also offers software that can be used to conduct data collection campaigns. Meta says that this program first compromises users' Facebook or Instagram accounts by providing their authentication information. 

Then, Octopus will begin to scrape every data available to those accounts. 

The software then can access the phone numbers, birth dates and other personal information of every Octopus customer's Facebook and Instagram friends.

Meta claims Octopus violated its terms and Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The company offered an automated scraping service and attempted to avoid detection.

Meta stated that Octopus is part of an emerging scraping sector that offers automation services to all customers, regardless of their target market or purpose. 

This industry makes scrapping available to companies and individuals who otherwise wouldn't have the ability." Ekrem Attes, the person Meta sued, claims that he created automated Instagram accounts to collect data on over 350,000 users. 

The company then published the data on several clone websites where it could view it without their consent. Meta claims it has taken several enforcement actions against Ates since the beginning of 2021. 

This included sending him a cease-and-desist letter and revoking his access to its services. Meta has used legal actions before to stop data scraping.