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Putin: Western Sanctions Danger For Entire World

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Russian Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, has denounced as "short-sighted" the sanctions imposed against Moscow in the West and said they pose a danger to the world.

Putin made these remarks in his speech during the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia's Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok on Wednesday.

He claimed that the West had weakened the global economy by making an "aggressive" effort to assert its global supremacy.

"The pandemic is now replaced by new threats that are global that pose a threat to all of the world.

That's the"sanctions rush" across the West and the West's unabashedly aggressive efforts to impose their modus Vivendi on countries

That are not theirs and to strip them of their sovereignty and submit them to their own will," he said.

Putin declared that the West was reluctant to acknowledge "irreversible changes in tectonics" within international relationships and said 

That the Asia-Pacific region had become an essential source of capital, human resources, and production capacity.

"Despite this, Western nations are trying to keep the old order of world government that only served them," he said. 

The Russian president added that Russia recognized more opportunities to expand into markets within the Middle East following

The imposition of broad Western sanctions to counter the military's offensive in Ukraine.

"No one can win by being able to isolate Russia as it is impossible," he stressed.