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Putin Says Ukraine Government Is 'illegitimate Regime'

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday repeated his claim that Putin's Ukrainian regime was an "illegitimate regime," saying it was created following an unconstitutional "coup" in 2014. 

In a speech at an economic conference in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok, Putin also rejected claims that Russia has violated international law.

In addition, Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping would meet next week for a summit at Samarkand, Uzbek city.

China has tried to be neutral in its approach to the war in Ukraine and to avoid any adverse consequences of aiding the Russian economy in the face of international sanctions.

Putin and Xi had their last meeting in Beijing on February 12, just weeks before the Kremlin deployed soldiers into Ukraine.

In a speech at an economic forum held in the easternmost Russian city Vladivostok, Putin said that the actions of Russia were intended to increase the country's sovereignty

And were targeted toward "helping those" who live within the Donbas region in the eastern region of Ukraine.

"We haven't lost anything and will never lose anything," Putin said. "In terms of the gains we've made, I'm able to declare that the most significant gain is the reaffirmation of our sovereignty."

Putin conceded, however, that the decision of Moscow to deploy troops into Ukraine caused "certain conflict, both in the international and within the country." 

However, Putin warned of a rising global food crisis and declared he was considering changing the grain deal with Ukraine to restrict the countries receiving cargo shipments.