PUBG Mobile Version 2.2 Launched With New Map And Game Mode

PUBG launched a new mobile version with many features and a new map. 

PUBG 2.2 features a new game mode and visual changes to the environment. It also includes updated locations for the Erangel map. Nusa is the new map. 

It's a tropical paradise island that sounds very similar to Call of Duty: Warzone's Caldera map, which was introduced earlier in the year.

Super Recall is a new mechanic that allows players to respawn after being eliminated in the game's early stages, provided they have a surviving partner.

Solo players will automatically respawn. Erangel will also respawn automatically. You'll find more spots and visual changes around the area.

Gear Front Mode, which offers new supply and traversal options, will be available on all maps.

This mode provides fast gunfights, faster map traversal, and more enemies encounters.