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Deadly Pool Discovered At Bottom Of Ocean: It Kills Anything That Swims Into It

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Scientists have discovered a true-life "Deadpool" near the bottom of the Red Sea that kills nearly every animal that swims through it.

The pool, which is 107,00 square feet and is about the size of a typical Manhattan city block,

has been located in the hands of University of Miami researchers with an underwater vehicle operated remotely during an expedition in 2020 to the northern portion the ocean.

It is located 1.1 miles below the ocean's surface; this pool is free of oxygen and brimming with brine - an extremely concentrated salt solution that can be fatal.

"Any animal that is spotted in the brine is instantly shocked or even killed," principal researcher Sam Purkis said to Live Science, with the publication describing the brines as "among some of the harshest habitats that exist on Earth."

This isn't an unusual brine pool discovered by scientists. Oceanographers had previously found "a couple of dozen" of these deadly pools in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico over the last 30 years.

The discovery of this pool was a shock to scientists because the pool is situated near the land.

The previous brine pool within the Red Sea was found approximately 15.5 miles off the coast.