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Plex Data Breach Exposed Emails, Usernames And Encrypted Passwords

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Plex users might want to modify their login passwords as quickly as possible. 

The digital streaming and media player claimed that a criminal had gained access to its system through an email sent to affected customers. 

In the letter, Plex disclosed that it promptly began an investigation when it noticed suspicious activities within some of its databases.

Based on the data it found, Plex said it seems like a third party gained access to a small portion of its information, including people's email addresses and encrypted usernames and passwords.

Plex stated that it had already identified how the hacker got into its system; however, it didn't provide details on the method used or the vulnerability that the hacker exploited, if any. 

Plex also pledged to conduct additional audits to ensure the systems it uses are "further protected to prevent further attacks.

"In the meantime, Plex requires all users to change their passwords "out of a sense of precaution", even if all passwords that hackers gained access to were washed.

It also assured its users that it does not store credit card numbers or other financial data on its servers, which means that the hacker could not access these.