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Places Where Sun Never Sets: Animated Video 

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Where sun never sets: Animation

This unique phenomenon that occurs exclusively at the Earth's poles is called the "Midnight Sun." 

This is due to the tilt of our planet, which makes one of the poles more facing the Sun at certain times of the year, indicating that that same hemisphere is in summer. 

During these periods, the closer you are to the Earth's pole, the longer you can see our star shining in the sky. 

In many cities located on the northernmost points of the planet, the Sun can stay up to 24 hours without setting in the sky. 

These places usually receive a huge number of visitors.

In the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, there is even the Midnight Sun Festival, celebrated with lots of music and food, games and cultural performances. 

However, it is possible to follow this in other regions of the planet, such as northern Norway, Finland and Russia.