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Personally Tested: This Optical Illusion Takes Just 15 Seconds To Warp The World

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A Tiktoker has shared an optical illusion that alters how you look at things in just a few seconds.

More than 20,000 people have already loved the video created by Michael Khieu.

It's simple - You just have to look at the red dot in the center of the screen. Skip few slides to see the video.

You'll have to look at it for about 15 seconds without blinking.

While doing this, lines of white and black be swaying against the background.

When the 15 seconds expire, Take a look around, and you'll see something odd.

Video Credits: @Michael Khieu

"I notice waves," the user claimed.

"My walls are stretching," another said.

A third said: "Everything was expanding."

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