Personality Types for Walking: Your walking style can tell a lot about your personality. Research shows that walking styles, such as speed and stride, can reveal a lot about our personality traits. Each person is unique, and so is their walking style. Our personality type is revealed by our sleeping habits, eye colour, and even how we hold our phones.

Research has shown that personality traits can be revealed by studying people. For example, psychologists discovered how one walk could reveal much about who they are to the outside world

Werner Wolff, a German psychologist, published a 1935 study that revealed personality type through how one walks. Many studies into walking styles have shown that it is possible to adapt to a different style of walking or change your walking style to alter the impression you give. 

For example, if you want to appear invulnerable and confident, you might be able to adapt to walking faster, with bolder arm movements and longer strides. However, it is important to be comfortable in your walking style and not try to adapt it to suit others. This can make you appear desperate for someone else.

Image 1 - If you walk fast

Your walking style reflects a quick walker. This indicates a person who is highly organized and outgoing. People who are fast-walkers tend to be more open to new experiences, more extroverted, and more conscientious.

People who walk quickly are more likely to take risks and be go-getters. They are more likely to take the initiative and be more courageous than others. They live a simple, stress-free lifestyle. This type of walking style is known for its ability to focus and have super quick energy. 

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Ladies, if your man is slow and does not walk at the same pace as you or walks alongside you, he most likely has a personality that guides or leads others by walking ahead.

Image 2 - If you walk slowly

Your walking style reflects your personality type. For example, if you walk slowly and take shorter strides, you are most likely introverted. Slow walker personalities tend to be more self-centred and look out for their interests. Slow walkers tend to be more involved in their activities and themselves.

People with this walking style are more relaxed and happy when they're in their own company. When they are in a crowd, they often slide back to the background or turn away from the spotlight. Studies have shown that slow walkers are more likely to develop health problems later in life and be more vulnerable to accidents.

Image 3 - If you walk in relaxed manner

Your walking style can be either relaxed or strenuous. This indicates that your walking personality type is a person who loves to live life on your terms and at your own pace. You don't need to hurry, but you are in the moment. 

No matter where you are, you feel relaxed and content. Even though you are in the middle of crowds, you remain calm and collected. However, it is not your goal to be the star or keep up with the rest of the group. Instead, you enjoy talking to people and hearing their points of view.

Your walking style is one of the best. Take pride in it. A carefree way of walking down the street signifies that you are confident and satisfied with yourself. On the other hand, people who walk relaxed are highly self-assured and have a low sense of urgency. They don't seek assurance or validation on anything.

Image 4 - If you walk with long quick strides

Your walking style should be slow and steady. This is a sign of a positive personality. Your competitive, fiery personality helps you get things done. You are a highly intelligent, logical, and productive individual. Sometimes you may appear cold in your relationships. However, people still admire you.

You don't have to walk a lot to enjoy the little things in your life. Sometimes you will stop and take in the beauty around you or just be present. Being confident makes it easy to make eye contact when you walk.

Multi-taskers are people who walk at a fast pace and have a lot of energy. While walking down the street, they can solve multiple problems or find solutions. People who walk in stride are a type of personality that expects others to live up to their standards.

Image 5 - If you walk with dragging feet

Your walking style may be dragging, indicating that you worry a lot or are anxious. People who walk with a dragging foot are often sad or sulking. This is because they cannot control their thoughts or detach themselves from the world. 

They struggle to remain present at the moment. They drag their past around with them. They can get stuck on certain things for a long period. They are attached to people or things with an anxious style.

They are not motivated or have the energy to do everyday tasks. They have difficulty solving problems or getting things done. They tend to lack motivation or be lazy. It is as easy to climb a few steps that can irritate or cause anxiety.

Did you find it interesting to see your personality traits based on your walking style? These are just a few of the many fascinating personality traits that have been revealed by psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mentalists through numerous studies and experiments. Personality tests can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into your personality traits.