How do you hold your smartphone? Our personality is what makes us who and what we are. It has a profound impact on almost every aspect of our lives. What are the influences on our personalities? Are our personalities changing, or are our core traits the same throughout our lives? Over time, personality studies have shown that the core aspects of personality are stable throughout life.

Three aspects of our personality change with age: anxiety, friendliness and an eagerness to experience new things. Paul T. Costa Jr. says that our personalities remain relatively stable as we age.

Did you know that your phone's grip can reveal your personality? Based on personality tests, optical illusions reveal a lot about your personality and relationship.

Scientists believe optical illusions can be created because our brains are good at recognising patterns and "seeing" familiar objects. However, optical illusions involve visual deception. A wide variety of misleading visual effects can result from the arrangement of images, the light effect, the colour effect, and other variables. In addition, these optical illusions sometimes confuse us enough to make us re-examine the image.

Optical illusions can also be described as images or pictures we perceive differently from the truth.

Choosing the number 1 position means that you feel comfortable holding your phone with a single hand. You use your thumb finger to maneuver around your phone screen. This means that you are a carefree, happy, and self-assured person.

There is no reason to be unhappy about life. You can accept what life throws at you. Self-confidence is a quality that helps you move forward and seize every opportunity.

If necessary, you can take a chance and reach beyond your comfort zone to achieve your goals, objectives, or desires.

This mindset may be able to lead to business success, but it won't lead to love and romance. You prefer to take things slow when it comes to romance or love. As a result, you may be unconcerned about the commitment of your partner or companion.

If you choose to hold your phone in the number 2 position, it means you are wise, intuitive, and pragmatic. You are empathetic, caring, and intelligent at decoding other people's character. 

Another quality you possess is the ability to avoid fraud if you wish. However, this requires that you pay close attention to all details. These characteristics make dating easier because you can easily find the right partner on one date.

After finding your love, you won't take things slow. However, don't forget that hurry is a waste. It is better to be cautious than take risks and risk losing money.

If you choose to hold your phone in the 3rd position, then you are fast at analysing situations and coming up with suitable solutions to any challenge, whether big or small. As you do not oppose things, it shows that survival of the fittest is your motto.

You know how to adapt and meet the demands of several scenarios by employing a diverse skill set. You are an enjoyable and energetic personality at parties and festivities. However, you must work hard and show devotion to spice up your romantic life.

When you are having academic debates, you are serious, but among children, you enjoy and remain carefree. However, these characteristics are insufficient to entice the person you are dating.

If you choose to hold your phone in the 4th position, it means that people are attracted or enthralled by your vivid imagination and original ideas.

You will succeed greatly if you decide to be a painter or author. Even though you are an introvert, you prefer to be alone to recharge yourself.

You are likely to be shy in love relationships and want your partner to make the first move. However, this does not mean you aren't interested in making new friends. On the contrary, your spouse or partner will not let you go if they recognize your unique and fascinating nature.