Peridot's adorable little creatures are hard to describe. The virtual pets, which feature in the next Pokemon Go release by Niantic, are scientifically designed to make it easy to say "awww."

Their bright eyes and colorful bodies make you smile, and they respond well when you pay attention. Although I could only play a small portion of the pre-release version, I am already in love.

At Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles last week, Ziah Fogel, senior producer of Peridot, allowed me to play a demo of the game. It's a hybrid of Pokemon Go and Nintendogs.

The game features all the location-based and augmented reality gameplay of Niantic but focuses more on caring for your virtual pet. One Peridot is all you have at any given time.

Your main goal is to keep them happy so that they grow into an adult who can be well-adjusted and breed to make more. You'll be presented with a baby animal when you start the game.

Each Peridot has a unique name, and you are asked to give it a name. My cute, pink friend was named "NFT" by me in panic. (See correct pronunciation here.

There's a quest system that revolves around your pet's needs. You might ask them to have a certain food or be petted. We went to a nearby restaurant to find a vase of roses.

They were sent via AR to my Peridot, who immediately jumped up. Niantic quickly points out that there is no punitive component to this situation.

Although pets may be sad sometimes, they don't get hurt or even die. They grow when they are happy. Peridot is a game that encourages positive reinforcement.

The game is also very tactile and encourages interaction. You can pet your pet by gently rubbing its head. You can draw a circle around the screen, and your pet will search for food or other items.

Depending on the surface your pet is foraging on, you'll get different things, such as sand or water.