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Paxos Recovers $20 Million In Gold Tokens Stolen

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Paxos, a trust and blockchain company, has successfully reclaimed $20 Million worth of gold tokens from the wallets of an unidentified attacker who hacked FTX last November.

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Shortly after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Sam Bankman-Fried was able to profit from its failed exchange. 

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Paxos Gold tokens (PAXG), backed with real gold in Paxos custody, were among the most seized assets.

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Paxos quickly froze 11,184 Paxos Gold ($PAXG) from four hacker-controlled wallets worth $20 million. 

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The assets were reclaimed by the team six weeks later.

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Yesterday, Paxos moved the stolen tokens from Etherscan addresses marked as "FTX Accounts drainer" and transferred them to a null location.

Security firm PeckShield observed this based on on-chain information. 


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