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18 Painful Truths About Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs)

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Truth 1: Most NFT investors will lose money Truth 2:  To stay in the market you have to pay yourself first. Take profits on the way up.

Truth 3: Diamond handing won't get you the best profits. Truth 4: By the time you hear about a new project on Twitter spaces, you are late.  

Truth 5: You are responsible for your own security. Understand most projects don't audit their code or have Discord security.

Truth 6:  The majority of nft projects fail to stay above mint price 4 months after launch. Truth 7: Non -Fungible Tokens hold no intrinsic value.

Truth 8: Most nft influencers don't know how blockchain technology actually works.

Truth 9: We are NOT all going to make it. Most nft traders trade at a loss.

Truth 10:  Volume and liquidity are more important metrics than floor price. If there are no buyers you can't take profits.