An archaeologist discovered a wooden sculpture in Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimu Kingdom.

Excavations were made as part of the "Recovery of the Huaca Takaynamo" project. This project was conducting studies of Huaca Takaynamo to the north. 

It revealed a wooden sculpture measuring 47 cm x 16 cm that depicts a litter bearer of the ruler. The wooden sculpture is decorated with 7 vertical color stripes.

The sculpture features a flat oval face with red eyes and almond-shaped pupils. It would have been decorated using mother-of-pearl plates bonded with black resin.

The figure wears a trapezoidal cap, which also features a triangular-cut skirt with small rectangular bands decorated.

Although archaeologists have yet to date this sculpture, the form and style of its art indicate that it is an early Chimu sculpture between 850-1,470 years old. This makes it one of the oldest sculptures ever found at the site.

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Researchers also found a necklace made of nectar seeds (a family of plants in the Lauraceae genus) and the remains of the original thread. They also discovered a small black bag with brown and white threads.

Arturo Paredes Nunez, the head of the Pecach Research, Conservation and Enhancement Unit, stated, "Chimu wood carvings and sculptures are either fixed or mobile." They can be seen at Chan Chan's entrance to some walled areas.