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Optical Illusions: You Have To Look Twice At To Find What's Wrong

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A visual illusion can be a challenge for anyone. For example, a photo's lighting, composition, and focus can create bizarre illusions that make people question their perception of reality.

"Visual illusions expose the weaknesses in perception and provide valuable insights into the neural processes that enable us to perceive our surroundings." Human perceptual specialist Dr. Gustav Kuhn explains.

Today's Optical Illusion: A picture of a horse that appears to wear a helmet was posted on the internet and can confuse people. 

While even a pony under a lid seems probable, there's something off or out of place here.

It appears that the horse is also wearing human hands, eating a doughnut, and holding a leash of its own.

How can that be possible? If you're stuck and want to resolve the issue yourself, Check out the hint from the next slide.

Hint: Take note of the mane.

The optical illusion will be apparent when you realize that the dark-colored hair that covers the nape of the horse is shorter and is distinct from the flowing blonde hair that reaches down to the helmet.

The only thing that happened was that the belt on the horse's back appeared to be affixed to the buckle beneath the helmet.