Today's Optical Illusion You have to find all the hidden MS in the below-given image. It's harder than it seems.

HecticNick shared it on the internet and challenged viewers to find the hidden number of MS. 

He stated that only 1% of people can spot the hidden M within this image grid of Ws.

Numerous viewers made comments on this viral optical illusion. Some said they couldn't spot the Ms within this grid of Ws.

One said, "I found three Ms within the image." Another person said that he found two Ms in this image. Another person stated, "It's difficult to see the hidden Ms in that image."

What about you? Can you spot the hidden number Ms in the optical illusion image grid Ws? Take your time and see the image carefully.  "HINT" is given in the next slide.

                  HINT There are total four MS within this image grid of Ws.  If you still face problems, check out the next slide (Answer is given in the next slide).