The optical illusion image we share today could reveal your social habits.

It can reveal how strong you are when you meet new people.

The first impression is often the most lasting. People carry the first impression they see in you throughout their lives as memories.

The first memory of you never erases in someone's mind. 

It's not true. Think of your friends in ascending order. Try to recall what you shared with them when you first met.

I'm certain you can recall all of them. It's rare for someone to forget their first meeting with another person.

Let's now move on to the optical illusion test. Take a look at the image below, and tell us what you see within the first five seconds. Below, we will explain what it means.

What do you see? a cat's face, a tiger's face, or trees?

In case you saw a Tiger Face in first impression: People notice you as strong and confident when you are around them. People notice you first because of your confidence and strong-willed nature.

In case you saw Trees in your first impression: People find you calm and happy, with little ambition