Nightmares about Love: This optical illusion might give insight into your fears and anxieties about love.

Oleg Shupliak (a Ukrainian artist) created this image. It can have many hidden meanings, depending on how closely you look.

Although it may seem confusing at first, it will help you identify your worst nightmares for love and give an explanation for each one.

Look at each image and choose the one you like the best.

What is the first thing you see in this picture? In this image, you can see the a horse, a woman, a soldier, and more.

The Horse This is the sign that you are most afraid of rejection if you first see the horse in the middle of the image. This is something that many people fear.

The Woman If you first notice a woman, you are likely most afraid of losing your bed or not falling asleep properly.

The Soldiers If you first notice the mounted soldiers, it is possible that you are either afraid of them or you need to look professional.

The background soldiers The soldiers in the background are what you might be most afraid of. You can be sensitive when dealing with your lover, who is extremely protective of their walls.