The optical illusion picture driving netizens insane is an image of Adele's 25th Album cover. Are you also seeing something strange about this image?

Although Adele is beautiful at first glance, viewers soon notice her upside-down eyes. Did you see that?

Find more details regarding this Optical Illusion on an album cover that is baffling the web today.

What seems odd in Adele's picture? Adele's eyes are what makes this photo of Adele an optical illusion. Although her eyes are beautiful, but isn't her eyeliner upside down?

The upside-down image is enough to give you anxiousness down the spine. It is a nightmare in a way. Take a look at the image very carefully. 

It is wise to say that perspective is everything. While the cover of Adele's album was upside down, it gave you nervousness. Her actual cover looked beautiful as always.

We would like to explain "what causes this image as an optical illusions." The Thatcher Effect is the name of this effect.

This is when your brain cannot process a picture upside-down. This effect is also known as Thatcher Illusion.

What causes this illusion? This optical illusion effect is caused by a part of your brain not processing a photo or a photograph of someone upside down.

The brain thinks that it can process the image until it is turned upside down. This effect was named after Margret Thatcher. Her face was the first to be tested with this illusion theory so the effect was named after her.