Many amazing optical illusions, such as this celebrity portrait, can fool your brain. But here's one that might make you smile.

These three circles appear to be different shades of blue, but in reality, they are all one color.

The orb in the lower-left corner looks lighter than the circle in the upper right.

The circles can be seen when the spheres are placed side-by-side against a white background.

Lenstore UK Vision Company created this picture. It is an example of the saturation optical illusion, which is when an object appears to change its color while it is traveling through different backgrounds. However, it is only one color.

The photo is a prime standard to show the subjective and abstract way our brains understand colors.

The background and lighting of an object can have an impact on how we see it. 

The contrast between the background and the blue circle will cause us to believe that the ball is darker.

Our brains can decode a shade by looking at its surroundings and background.