This duck-rabbit optical illusion shows you if you are spontaneous or a deep-thinker.

Duck-Rabbit Optical Illusion Despite our self-awareness and ability to see the bigger picture, humans cannot have an objective view of ourselves. We are complex creatures with prejudices and thought patterns intertwined in our emotions.

That’d make the perception of your own personality some sort of a shape-shifting optical illusion in itself.

It's possible to experience the "Gestalt Switch" while looking at the image given below. This is a process in which your perception changes as one figure appears to be another.

What did you see first? A Duck Although ducks seem calm at the surface, beneath the water, they paddle fast to prop themselves forward.

Experts says that if you first saw the duck, it could indicate that you might share similar traits with waterfowl. It states that you are calm and composed at the surface but think vigorously within. You are a deep thinker, and your mind is always working."

Although it may seem like nothing is happening, it is a deep contemplation storm raging within your head. You can only speak out once you have fully thought it through.

The rabbit Rabbits are alert, quick, and constantly on the move. Check out next slide if you saw rabbit in your first impression.

You are observant and quick to think. Your mind also processes information faster than others, which people around you find charming.