Find the Same Emojis In 8 Seconds: It is believed that emojis offer a unique way to learn modern languages. These digital icons are attractive to most people and eliminate the need for words.

These are often used in informal messages between friends, promotional marketing materials, and even home decor. They can be understood by everyone, regardless of what language they speak.

This challenge will test your ability to spot the same emojis within this image in just 8 seconds. Give it a try.

The picture various emojis, all of which are related to the same theme but only two of them are same. Did you see it?

This is a tricky challenge because all emojis looks very similar, Isn't it? The image contains emojis that shows a bike, a car, and a scooter, a tractor and more.

Different people may have different opinions. What's your opinion? Are you able to spot the same emojis easily or are you having trouble? If not, don't worry. Just see the next slides.

Don't be discouraged if you are unable to locate it. The next slide will give you a hint.

Hint: The emoji is in the second row, while the other similar to that one is in some other row. You can find the solution in the next slide if you still have difficulty.