Optical Illusion: Spot The Chick In This Image In 25 Seconds?

This optical illusion could give you a spring in your step. Many scientists believe that optical illusions like these are beneficial for the brain.

Professionals believe illusions can be used to distract from modern stresses and help to map the complexity of the human mind and its reaction to the environment.

This Easter-themed optical illusion shows a baby chicken bird hidden amongst the busy bunnies getting ready to celebrate.

Did you spot the mini chicken in this image? If not, please check out the hint given in the next slides. If you got it, verify answer from last slide and do share this story with your friend.

Brightly colored tricks can easily stimulate anyone's brain. However, people who can overcome bright colors and dynamic landscapes might spot the chicken in less than 25 seconds.

Hint: The small chicken is of yellow color and it is available on the left side of the image.


See the red color circle on the left side of the image.