How many people can you spot in the picture given below? 

Today's optical illusion is a pencil drawing illustrating a busy scene. 

The total number you find will reveal your intelligence or IQ level. 

Look at the image and identify the number of people.

Can you identify the number of people in this picture? Is it 4, 5, 10, 15 or more?

For hints on spotting people in this mess, take a second and look at the image properly. 

Take your time to find all the people. If you want hint, check out the next slide.

Hint: The picture contains seven people. They are on the left side, while others are closer to the car at the center of the photo.

Some will claim it took them a while to find all the people. Others will argue that I didn't find all of them. Still, others will state that they did not get all. Do not worry; the answer is given in the next slide.

Here is the answer to that Optical Illusion

According to psychologists, if you have spot all the 7 people in the image, your mind is fast. Even if you spot six people, your brain is working quite better than normal ones.

But, If someone spots more than one, it is a sign that the mind needs to be trained. The remaining ones are in the middle.