Based on the illusion's creator's vision and perception, one can see two presidents of the United States of America.

Optical illusion: Before looking at the picture, there are rules 1. The users of spectacles or glasses on a regular basis are required to take them off first.

2. Close your eyes and count 5 Mssissippis. 3. Now, open your eyes and take a look at the image.

Who do you see? Lincoln or Obama: Who do You See?

Do you see President Obama in your first impression? President Obama: Congratulations! Your near vision is perfect.

You're not very shortsighted. As you can focus on the lines that make Obama's face, you have normal vision.

Do you see President Lincoln in your 1st Impression? If you have glasses that are for nearsightedness, please take them off and look at President Lincoln.

Also if you have normal vision, try moving the monitor or your phone away from you. You must observe Abraham Lincoln. 

How does it work? Your vision is the only thing that determines this. If the screen was further away, it would be more difficult to focus on fine details, such as lines. As a result, a person would only see President Lincoln.

When you make the image smaller, you will be able to observe President Lincoln. This is also true. Once the image is small, you won't be able to see the fine lines.