The content creator shared the image and said that only a small percentage of people could spot the giraffe in the below given image.

You may be able to unlock the secret of this illusion with one simple trick.

The creator wrote: This is the best and one of the hardest optical illusions I have ever seen in my life.

"Can you spot the Giraffe?" The illusion appears at first glance to be a simple green pattern.

Jack has the trick for spotting the hidden giraffe in the comments. He said, "You have to unfocus your eyes."

Now if you look at the optical illusion without focusing your eyes, a giraffe should jump out of the screen at you.

If you're still facing the problem, check out the next slide. A Big Hint/trick is given.

Another option is to place your nose in the middle of the image and then move your head slowly away.