Below is an optical illusion of a stack of coffee beans. However, there is a hidden man's face in it.

The challenge for you is to discover the hidden face of a man in 27 seconds.

You only have 27 seconds left to find the hidden man in the image. So, note down the time and start finding.

This optical illusion would be a delight to coffee lovers. Have a look at the coffee beans. Is there a man in this image?

Didn't find? Don't worry. See the answer is shown below in the image. In the next slide, see what expert says if you found the face before 3 second, within 3 to 27 seconds and after 27 seconds?

What if you found the face within the first 3 seconds? If you found the face in 3 seconds, then you are a genius. Experts agree that someone with this kind of brain-eye coordination is hard to fool. You are observant and have a clear head. These people are highly focused and can remember what they read and write.

What if you found the face within 3 to 27 seconds? These people are not geniuses but have sharp brains and focus. This means your right brain is well developed, and you are creative in personality.

What if you found the face after 27 seconds? A rule in psychology shows that those who find the man's face after 27 seconds have a less developed right brain. They also need more protein.

However, in case you could not spot the man’s face and wished to be left alone after this little tricky optical illusion, it is suggested to work on your patience and practice stress management.