It is crucial to be precise when clicking a photo. This picture was taken by a genius. Two footballers are sharing a picture that has gone viral because of its flawless timing. 

It shows the two football players hugging each other. However, the way it was clicked, it appears as if there are three heads in the frame instead of two. 

Social media users and participants struggled to understand why the photo showed three heads when it only had two.

They couldn't even guess who was hugging whom. Are you able to identify it? We've covered answer of this mystery at the the end.

This photo shows a footballer hugging his friend from behind. People were curious how a second participant could hug his teammate from behind.

To solve the mystery, some even attempted to locate the entire photo. They eventually concluded that the photo actually showed three people.

Are you able to solve the mystery? If not, Check out the next slide for answer.

Two footballers hugged one another while a third person was behind them. The cameraperson took the photo when the third participant stood between the two gamers. The timing was key.