Todays Optical Illusion Find the hidden 8 in the below given image.

What is more important than an 8 of Diamonds? This is a great party trick anyone can do with classic playing cards. Just grab the 8 diamonds and reveal them.

Three different ways the number 8 appears on this card are described below. Can you spot them all on the card?

The card's top left and bottom right have the number 8. 

Hint: A geometric pattern of eight diamond symbols is also available in five rows. Answer is given in the last slide. 

There are two diamonds at the top, middle, and bottom, respectively, and one on each row. These are not the only ways you can see eight on your card.

Jamie Raven, a magician and contestant on "Britain’s Got Talent", previously shared a version of this trick via Twitter.

Raven wrote, "How old were your when you discovered that there was an 8' in the middle of the 8 diamonds card?"

He refers to the "8" in the middle, which is the shape formed from the negative space between the diamonds.