Dean Jackson created today's Optical Illusion. His latest post featured a difficult illusion that showed a sad-looking man up front and included a different image.

Jackson explained, "Right now, you're seeing a face of a guy looking slightly sad."

"It is said that less than one percent can see an angry face." You have just a few seconds to find the angry as well as second face.

"If you don't see the angry expression on your face, place your finger where the red arrow is pointed. Answer is given in the last slide.

"Hold it for one second." Give yourself five more seconds. Answer is given in the last slide.

What others say?  One person said, "Imagine the ear as an eye if you are having trouble."

Try one more time. If you still face problem, checkout the next slide (ANSWER is given in the next slide).


1st Face

2nd Face

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