You'll have quite difficulty in today's challenge. Your challenge is to locate a second animal within the image in 30 seconds.

If you can do that, you will be among the 2% of people whose cognitive abilities are unsurpassed.

But, a warning to all readers: Today's optical illusion test is not easy.

What Do You See In The Picture? You only have 30 seconds to locate the animals in the image given below.

The image below shows a bird sitting on top of a tree with a slice of bread or pizza in its beak. It has a large beak if you look closely.

It seems like the bird is looking directly into the eyes of the reader. Was the second animal visible? Hint and Answers are given in the next slide

Hint: Just tilt the image or flip your phone upside-down.


There was a smart user who said, "a bird with a nose ring and a fox stealing cheese" A user doubted his visual skills saying "Am I blind I think I saw a bird holding a cheese"