Find the hiding Owl: This optical illusion is so mind-bending that it's hard for anyone to see the owl in the image. And you have to find owl within 30 seconds.

This image shows a beautiful woodland scene with an owl hidden in it.

Sometimes you may be so puzzled by something that you can't see it anymore then you need to re-examine your eyes. You might have been fooled by an optical illusion.

Take a look at the image carefully and you will see the owl hiding in the woodland scene.

Don't be discouraged if you can't spot the owl within 30 seconds. We are here to help you. For some tips, see the next slide.

Hint: The image shows the tree's strong bark, creating a lovely woodland scene. Pay attention to the center of the image. What did you notice?

Now, can you spot an owl on the tree or not? Is it possible? If so, how much time you took to find the owl? Do you think it takes less than 30 seconds? If you still face problem, please refer to the next slide for ANSWER.


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